Master your Codebase.

Contextually-rich AI chats, integrated with your secure code snippets library.

Build new features, fix bugs, //add comments and understand your codebase.

Our mission is to change the way development teams code.
Join the AI coding revolution.

Trusted by the best development teams.

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Code smarter
than ever.

Leverage the power of a codebase aware assistant, helping you write clean, performance optimized code.

Create documentation, refactor, debug and generate code with full codebase context.
Spend more time creating code, and less time debugging errors.


Keep the conversation

Use multiple AI models within the same chat.

Use ChatGPT, GPT-4, Mixtral 7B Instruct, PaLM 2, Capybara 7B & more.
Open-Source models are powered by OpenRouter. Simply insert your API key to get started.


Codebase powered chats.

Select any folder on your machine to power-up your chats with your codebase.

Changed files are automatically added into your codebase context.
Ask questions about your code using embeddings with CMD/CTRL + Enter.
Reference complete files in your codebase easily with @fileName.


Save snippets
from anywhere.

Your Desktop, IDE & Browser can save code into your team's snippets library.

Save code snippets from any website, directly into your team's snippets library.
Titles and code descriptions are generated by AI when saving. Helping you to organize your snippets efficiently.


Available on multiple platforms.

Our codebase features work best in our Desktop apps. More IDEs will be supported soon.

Available for Windows, Mac, VSCode & Chrome.
Our desktop apps are free, bring your own keys.

Check out our features
and join thousands of developers.

Generate code

Generate functions or whole snippets with AI, super helpful for boilerplate or repetitive tasks.

Share with your team

Save your code snippets for easy access and collaboration with your team.

Refactor & debug

Identify performance bottlenecks in your code, and AI will suggest ways to optimize it.

Analyse code

Generate detailed documentation in just a few clicks.

Find & fix errors

Reduce frustration and increase efficiency with the power of AI.

Secure & private

Keep your code safe in your snippets library, with end-to-end encryption.

Supercharge your development workflow

Stop rewriting code.

    See what our users say.

  • I have a lot of work on my agency and sometimes I do not have time to keep up with all the improvements on CSS, JS. Well, using this tool not only showed me ways to improve my code, it helps me learn at the same time.

    yerch82's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • I've been wanting to try for some time now, so I installed the extension and let me say @stefcodes, you are a legend! This tool is seriously amazing ⭐️💯 really excited to keep playing around with it.

    Alejandro's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • Intuitive, powerful, and time-saving.

    anna khomaziuk's testimonial for MakeLanding
    anna khomaziuk
  • I could not afford monthly fees for GitHub CoPilot, so I was looking for an AI coding assistant. Code Snippets AI is a lifeline for me; not only did it help me brush up my rusting programming skills, but also significantly improved my coding experience.

    AnuNags's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • Intuitive and practical tool. I haven't tested all its features yet, but I reward the idea and the effort. Well developed and updating extension.

    Joes's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • Code Snippets AI is an excellent tool for beginners who are looking to improve their coding skills. As someone who doesn’t know much about coding, I found this tool to be incredibly helpful. I used this tool to develop an addon for Blender and it worked really well. I would highly recommend Code Snippets AI to anyone who is looking to get started with coding.

    sam.lance.pyrtuh's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • codeium is good, but code snippets ai is very useful for me, because we can customize promt. For example, I am not a native English speaker, I can customize the prompt and output explanations in Japanese.

    shuichi's testimonial for MakeLanding
  • Top to generate, improve, refactor code. Easy to use. I like It!

    Michaël Cornelis's testimonial for MakeLanding
    Michaël Cornelis